Oracles in Action™ Chapter Two

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On the Road, Off the Cuff, and In-Service to Whatever’s Out There

Vampyre Empress

I got a sneak peak of Llewellyn’s Tarot of the Vampyres a few months ago and have been waiting for the finished deck ever since. My BFF at Llewellyn, Marissa Pederson, made sure that Tricia O’Reilly sent one off to me as soon as they came off the presses. I got it just in time for Spirit Connection New York’s July Message Circle. The deck is amazing. Beautifully illustrated, erotic and exotic, and highly emotive. I couldn’t wait to use it.

The energy rose perceptibly as the deck made it’s way around the circle. Each attendee shuffled it in his or her own style and then picked one card. I knew that they were all as impressed with the illustrations as I was. It also became clear that the deck was triggering reactions at a core level. I realized that I was about to face a round of tough messages. I took a deep breath as I asked the first person if I could read their card for them.

That first card was the Seven of Grails — a scantily clad young woman surrounded by snakes and staring into a cauldron. The message was for a male attendee, a sexy gentlemen from Guatemala, who was a regular. He grinned as we all took time to tease him about the sexy image before I turned to a serious interpretation. His message was that he needed to take care of business if he wanted to be able to manifest his favorite fantasies He was told to pursue his career goals first and then he would be able to take whatever he wanted from the pot at the end of the rainbow. He was encouraged to search out the self-sabotaging thoughts that might be keeping him from working up to his potential.

The next attendee I was drawn to handed me the Prince of Grails — an exotically dashing young man in a velvet smoking jacket. It was another career-oriented message. The woman who had chosen it is a writer and a psychic. The advice from spirit was to start drawing out her inner masculine in order to strengthen her professional life. Even though the purpose of her work is to nurture and heal, spirit was saying, “Bolder. More assertive. More action, less reaction.”

Judgement — a dark-eyed, pasty-skinned cat-like figure who was lunging towards the viewer with a dagger in his hand — was the next card to be presented to me. Yet another career-oriented message. This woman was changing careers, had just finished some job training, and was beginning her job hunt. The message was to relax and let interviewers come to her rather than being so aggressive about selling herself. The panther in the background of the card indicated strength that backed her up; no need to defend herself in advance just because she was nervous.

The next person to get a message, a woman who is enduring tremendous stress both professionally and in her personal life, had pulled the Ten of Knives — a buxom Greta Garbo type, draped backwards over the edge of a four-poster bed with a dagger inserted at the base of her beautiful cleavage. I sensed that this woman was trying to get help from those around her by “pantomiming” her distress. Spirit said, “Give it up. They’re never going to notice. You need to get your needs met directly and probably someplace else.”

Next to get a reading was a very gentile and self-effacing woman. She had picked the Queen of Scepters — a sultry red-head, pregnant and reclining with an aggressively-posed panther in front of her. The message was that there was much she was waiting to manifest but that she would need to bring her sensual, creative aspects closer to the surface in order to access her power and begin living the life she quietly desired.

Last but not least was the Nine of Scepters — a seductively clothed young woman in the throes of ecstasy and holding a burning cross. We ended as we began with some good-natured teasing. This attendee, a woman, is an artist and she was encouraged to let her sensuality permeate her artwork; to add color and passion to it; to let it take on a life of it’s own.

These cards are intense. The messages were equally intense and it was work to bring the messages through. But the process left everyone feeling elevated. I’m not sure how that happened but it did. It was another exciting journey through the veil via the Tarot.

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