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Inner Traditions

Energy masters Chia and Wei have kicked astrology up a notch. They have pulled together five different systems of astrology — some eastern, some western —to give us the most complete description of the energy pattern that existed at our birth. The five systems are: the twelve Chinese animal signs, the twelve Western astrology signs, the Western Sun and Moon Sign combinations, the Chinese animal and Western sign combinations, and the Birth Personality and Destiny Cards. Each system is described in detail and charts are provided so that we can each find the specific sign or combination that applies to us. This is the first time I’ve come across the Birth Cards system. It turns out that it is centuries old, and I must admit the description associated with my card resonated rather dramatically with me.

This might seem like an odd topic for these two Taoist superstars to invest their time in, but there is much esoteric information provided along with the day-to-day aspects. The premise behind the book is that the better we understand our birth “imprint” the easier it will be to develop into the spiritual being we are meant to be. Whether your goals are lofty or mundane, there is plenty in the book to keep your interest. Buy it for fun and study it when you are ready. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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