Book Review — The New Tarot Handbook

Oct 10 2012 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn



Rachel Pollack is a recognized modern master of the tarot. Now she has distilled her forty-plus years of experience and study into a 280 page tarot manual. Both first time tarot users and seasoned afficionados will be well served by it.

She begins the book with a rousing tribute to Eden Gray. Most of us who discovered tarot in the 60’s and 70’s have a warm spot in out hearts for Ms. Gray. My own copy of Gray’s The Tarot Revealed has become a pile of loose pages held together with a rubber band. Pollack continues with a clear and concise history of the tarot, putting to rest many of the myths of tarot . The heart of the book is a card by card description and analysis of both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards. All of it is filled with knowledge, insight, and guidance. Pollack’s encouraging, conversational tone makes the book a joy to read. This is another great addition to the world of tarot by one of its brightest stars. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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