Decks of Interest — Angel Heart Sigils

Aug 01 2013 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Findhorn Press

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Are you ready for the love of angels?

Expanding on the beautiful Angels of Atlantis deck, Stewart Pearce and Richard Crookes have added magical signs to the power of those Atlantean protectors. As the transformative energy of the Procession of the Equinoxes continues to expand, these cards tap into the energies of transformation and enlightenment. Twelve archangels radiate their heart’s love through forty-four different earthly aspects, i.e., prophecy, insight, magnification, anticipation.

Each Heart Sigil is encased in a unique glowing orb and Richard Crookes artistry brings each Sigil’s special vibration to life with its own other-worldly illustration. Stewart Pearce puts those vibrations into words in the accompanying guidebook.

Powerful as both a divination tool and as a basis for meditation, the deck and book set is beautifully designed and packaged. This is a treasure. Just holding it in your hands is elevating. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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