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Oct 07 2013 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

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Have you talked to a sacred tree today?

Trees have long been thought to create sacred space and to draw spirits into and through themselves. Plants of all kinds are considered to have magical (and medicinal) properties. This beautiful deck of 33 cards draws on millennia of mythology and folklore about the power and wisdom associated with these living symbols.

The richly-detailed illustrations have added intensity because of the Old World glazing technique used to create them. Each card becomes a sacred world of its own, inviting us in to learn its secrets. And thanks to the collaborative wisdom of Jenks and Stanton, the secrets are very many indeed. Both the human and animal inhabitants of this wise world seem frozen in time, waiting for us to set them in motion once again.

The 256-page companion book adds layers of historical meaning in addition to author Jenks’ personal interpretations. Each card’s narrative ends with notes from the artist, sending us back to the lush illustrations for yet another look. Unless you hate nature, this is a deck you’ll want to see for yourself. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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