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Oct 28 2013 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest

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Do you know the tarot truth?

Ronald Decker makes it clear that most of us don’t — or didn’t until now. Applying his expert academic and archivist skills to the history and symbolism of tarot, he has created the most thorough, and yet readable, accounting of tarot cards I have ever read. Dispelling popular myths attributing the tarot to early Egypt, Hermeticists, and Cabalism, he carefully explains how influences from all those sources found their way into tarot as we know it today. He also explains how the mysterious deck first began to be used as an oracle.

Decker welcomes dissenting opinions, but it would require great effort to seriously dispute his conclusions. His research is meticulous. His bibliography is awe-inspiring. He relies predominantly on the Tarot of Marseilles to illustrate his treatise, citing it as the most reliable representation of his theories. Anyone with a serious interest in the tarot and its symbolism will welcome this as an addition to their library. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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