Deck of Interest— Tarot of the Celtic Fairies

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Lo Scarabeo

Does Onagh come when you call?

The Tarot of the Celtic Fairies will help you draw her out into the open. Meditating on the mythological symbolism in these brilliant illustrations will teach you to make contact with this extraordinary cast of magical characters. Each fairy is introduced to the viewer via its animated portrayal in the card. The Celtic entities dance, fly, summon, threaten, bestow blessings, and reek havoc as they lead us through the tarot deck and into their hidden, enchanted world.

Following the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite format, the exoteric and esoteric meaning of each card is enhanced as its fairy acts out its meaning. The high energy of the cards render them useful for spellwork, as well as standard divination. Open the door to this special world if you dare. The fairies are waiting for you. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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