Deck of Interest — 99 Names of God Sufi Cards

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Lo Scarabeo

In Sufi teaching, God has 4000 names. Most are known only to God, the Angels, and the Prophets. Only 100 of the names are mentioned in the Qur’an. Of those one is hidden. The other 99 are illustrated in this unique and powerful deck. Each name represents an attribute of the Divine and is chanted to open a connection to that attribute within one’s heart and to receive its blessing. Sufi tradition contains elaborate rituals for chanting these names of God. Anna Eva Jahier has made them accessible to a broader audience with these beautifully designed cards and companion guide book which provides translations of each name.

Don’t be mislead by the similar appearance of each card. A closer look will reveal the complex subtlety of each name. The background for each card represents water, the water out of which everything is born. Water is also indicative of our subconscious minds. Thus in these cards, the names of God arise from the depths of our mind to manifest the inner attributes of Divinity that lie hidden within us. The shift in perspective which the non-familiar language and images create will facilitate access to those hidden inner regions. This is a terrific new meditational tool, as well as an intriguing oracle.

Anna Eva Jahier is also the creator of the Reiki Inspirational Cards.

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