Deck of Interest—Dream Raven Tarot

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Schiffer Publishing

Is there a blackbird in your future?

Beth Seilonen’s 78 stunning watercolors make this deck a standout. Based on the traditional Rider/Waite deck, Dream Raven Tarot takes us into the shamanic world of totem animals, drawing our own inner wisdom to the surface, with the use of vibrantly subtle color and childlike invention.

Raven medicine is personal for Seilonen. She became acquainted with ravens and their special wisdom in her native Maine. She has successfully captured the varied dimensions of their personalities — the self-serving focus on a goal, the all-knowing look of wisdom, the deceptively clown-like sense of humor which masks their power.

It’s a delight to look through this deck. The evocative images lend themselves to both meditation and divination. The 128-page guidebook modernizes traditional interpretations of the cards while maintaining the ancient wisdom buried in their symbolism. This beautifully designed deck and book set will be of special interest to those of you who like to choose an oracle card every morning and carry it’s image with you through the day. These cards carry a very powerful psychic charge. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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