Deck of Interest—Under the Roses Lenormand

Aug 22 2014 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, US Games

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Have you met the Madame?

As popularity for Madame Lenormand’s signature form of cartomancy increases, U.S.Games has released this evocative 39-card version of the Petit Lenormand, which was released in her honor after her death. Visually, the cards echo old-fashioned illustration and border design, but the use of soft color with vibrant highlights adds a distinctly modern-day edge. The energy emanating from each of the pictures is palpable and dynamic.

The 56-page companion booklet contains brief introductions to Sub Rosa and the Petit Lenormand, keyword interpretations of each card, sample spreads, and advanced techniques for working with the cards.

There are esoteric layers to each of these cards. Once novices have built up confidence doing card readings by mechanically following the instructions, they will find themselves instinctively allowing their intuition to add meaning beyond what they have read in the book. Advanced readers will of course, move directly to the inner realms to communicate directly with the cards and — perhaps — with the Madame herself. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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