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How do you contact the dead?

Just in time for “Trick or Treat” season, Stacey DeMarco, partnering once again with mystical illustrator extraodinaire Jimmy Manton, has created a 36-card oracle deck which pays homage to the ancient roots of the end-of-October rituals and is sure to captivate the imaginations of modern day esoteric enthusiasts.

DeMarco’s concise history (in the 80-page companion book) of the Day of the Dead rituals in the Americas and the growing popularity of modern Halloween in her native Australia is superb, as are her musings about each of the cards and the symbolism contained within them. But the true power of this deck is the artistry of the visual images. The symbolism of each card, executed perfectly by Manton, moves this deck into the realms of higher metaphysics. My favorite cards are the “skull cards”. DeMarco eases us into that world with DEATH and its introductory skull masked by Manton’s blue mist. Then we have two subdued skulls, attached to their skeletons in ETERNAL LOVE, followed by the bandaged skull in MUMMY. In SKELETON we get serious, showing both the skeleton and the separated skull, That card leads us in to the deeper realms with SKULL of DARKNESS, SKULL OF LIGHT, SKULL of FLOWERS, and SKULL OF STARS. Finally we arrive at my personal favorite, the skull with oozing pomegranate in THE UNDERWORLD.

DeMarco includes Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies for the younger generation. On the surface this deck appears to be a perfect Halloween novelty item. Underneath that veneer is a treasure filled with esoteric symbolism for even the most astute practitioner. All together a very delightful package, no matter what your intent. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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