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Are you ready to embrace the truth?

It will set you free but it can be a scary ride. Adding a tongue-in-check touch to a serious subject, Olivier Clerc makes a game out of uncovering the subconscious dimensions of our relationships. He combines the knights of medieval times with the Toltec Path to create a journey behind our daily masks and role playing into the realm of who and what we really are.

Carlos Castenedas popularized the Toltec teachings in the 1960’s with his fictionalized Teachings of Don Juan series. More recently, don Miguel Ruiz and his son Jose Luis have updated that introduction with modernized versions of the Toltec practices.

Now Clerc and his co-authors ask readers to access the power of games theory and commit to a plan of group self-discovery through the exploration of our relationships. Drawing from the Swords of impeccability, the Shields of depersonalization, the Chalices of honest questioning, the Banner of fullout commitment, and the Helmet of inner listening, each round of play brings you closer to your personal truth and liberation.

What you thought you believed may not be what you truly believe in your heart. How can you know for sure? Choose a group of trusted participants and play The Five Agreements Game! SHOP FOR THE DECK
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  • The Guides say: Progress will come easily now as long as you have chosen the correct path. If you encounter obstacles, take them as a sign that you need to go back and choose again.

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