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Is this the definitive guide to Lenormand?

Searching for a pre-electronic oracle that would take her out of the modern world of lush and sophisticated oracular imagery, Matthews went back to the roots of cartomancy. Her subsequent exploration of the “petit” decks rejuvenated her interest in divination. Of course, one of the petit decks which captured her attention was the newly-popular Petit Lenormand. While the origins of the Petit Lenormand remain shrouded in mystery, it has become clear that the Madame herself had nothing to do with its creation. Nevertheless, the deck continues to popularize the Madame and the divination style which she made famous.

Those of you who are used to reading more complexly illustrated oracle cards in fixed spreads, might find that you’re initially uncomfortable with this less specific form of divination. Not to worry. Matthews walks us through the transition with clear instructions and thoroughly-explained examples.

Chapter 2 provides detailed information for interpreting each card, including key combinations with other cards and how Lenormand symbolism varies from traditional tarot symbolism. Each subsequent chapter adds another layer of nuance, i.e. reading pairs and triplets, using significators, the effects of each card, and reading tableaus. By the end of the book, readers will be thoroughly schooled in the advanced subtleties of this highly complex divination system. Throughout, Matthews encourages readers to develop their own techniques and to make the cards their own.

This is the most complete reference on Lenormand I’ve come across to date. It’s also very clearly written, well-organized, and intriguing. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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