Deck of Interest—The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

Jan 23 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer Publishing

What will destiny say to you?

These sixty alluring cards are designed to bridge the gap between words and pictures. Each card is meant to be a chapter in a story told through the ages, in a voice that echoes within each of us. Evocative, lush, and mysterious, the deck lures users into its world and beckons us to explore the inner realms.

Drawing on ancient archetypes and traditional symbolism, readers will find that the hidden wisdom of their subconscious is stimulated by this deck. Wisdom rises from the depths and permeates our conscious awareness. Whether looking for insight or prophecy, this deck will help to trigger the responses you are looking for.

If you’re a seasoned reader of oracle cards, the creators of this deck encourage you to explore using these cards in conjunction with other decks for advanced divination. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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