Book of Interest—90 Days to Learning the Tarot

May 01 2015 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

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Can you learn to read tarot cards?

Part instruction book, part workbook, and part motivational guide, Gifford has taken a unique stance on working with tarot decks. She asks readers to throw out the rigid guidelines and fixed meanings that are often associated with reading tarot cards. Instead, she suggests beginning with a survey of our inner world in order to connect with the intuitive core that lives within us all.

Once readers have learned to listen to their instincts, she asks them to explore the tarot deck. She tells them to use observation and free association to develop a personal sense of meaning for each of the cards. She does include some time-tested basics, like traditional spreads, symbolism drawn from the Collective Unconscious, and ethical guidelines for doing readings in keeping with Universal Law.

This brightly designed book uses Ciro Marcetti’s The Gilded Tarot for illustration. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as highly informative. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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