Deck of Interest—Pagan Ways Tarot

Aug 07 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer Publishing

What’s new in nature?

These 78 vibrantly-colored images capture the energy and tradition of nature-based spirituality and bring the related gods, goddesses, nature spirits, and elemental essences into the modern era. The illustrations are bold, with almost theatrical costumes and settings. The goddess Empanada becomes the woman in the golden robe. The god Herne becomes stability of creation. Phaedra becomes the apathetic woman by the sea.

In the 190-page, full-color companion book Anna Franklin shares the symbolism and insight from her decades-long practice as a pagan priestess. You can explore the meaning behind the pictures as much or as little as you choose. Regardless, these images are so unique and show-stopping that no one will be able to dismiss this as “for pagans only”.

The book contains upright and reversed meanings for each card but seasoned card readers will find that they need no help in finding intuitive associations for these striking cards. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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