Deck of Interest—The Witch’s Oracle

Oct 27 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer Publications

Have you contacted your Inner Witch lately?

Drawing on the rich symbolism of pagan tradition, this 45-card deck of cards is designed to not only stimulate the imagination, but also to facilitate contact with the ancestors on the other side. Well thought-out and beautifully illustrated, each card comes with a special incantation which can be used to magically draw the energy represented by the card into the reader’s consciousness.

The cards make excellent meditational tools. When used for divination, the ancient symbolism, coupled with the often highly emotive renderings, provides easy access to nearly unlimited layers of intuitive information. The creators suggest using them as adjuncts to traditional tarot card readings in order to gain subtle subtext to the tarot communication. The easy-to-read 112-page, full-color companion book makes this deck perfect for beginners as well as for advanced oracle readers. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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