Deck of Interest—Native Spirit Oracle Cards

Nov 10 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Hay House

Hay House

Have you traveled behind the veil?

This visually stunning 44-card deck, created by a member of the Cherokee Nation, brings the power of the natural world and native tradition to the forefront, making it accessible to everyone for intuitive development and insight. The cards were brought through to the physical world at the foot of a sacred mountain and carry that mystical energy in their imagery. Linn intends them to help users reclaim the sacred powers of their ancestors and remember, once again, how to “travel through divine entryways”.

The 132-page guidebook is beautifully written and offers powerful insight into working with the signs and symbols of the native traditions. Soar with the eagle; let the morning sun wash over you; follow the rainbow to the heart of joy. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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