Deck of Interest—Easy Lenormand

Dec 01 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Llewellyn

Llewellyn Publications

What’s really in the cards?

These stellar oracle-deck afficionados take us on a tour of the classic Lenormand deck with spectacular results. Using the traditional 36 cards (named for famous fortune teller Mlle. Lenormand but never actually used by her), they start at the beginning and show novices and experienced diviners alike how it’s done.

The interpretations are meant to be traditional and literal. A snake is a snake. Clover is clover. Of course, there’s nothing to prevent experienced intuitives from adding layers of their own in their readings.

This is a fun and comfortable way for everyone to get acquainted with this historic deck. The 150-page companion book spells it all out, clearly and specifically. Best for people who don’t already have a relationship with the cards, readers can start at the beginning and work their way up to professional, gypsy-style parlor fortune telling. Fun for everyone, if you’re not afraid of the truth!? SHOP FOR THE DECK

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