Deck of Interest—The Ring Cycle Tarot

Dec 29 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

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Do you see colors when you listen to Wagner?

Allegra Printz was captivated by Wagner’s Ring Cycle as a teenager and never looked back. When she discovered Arthur Rackham’s 1911 illustrations for the operatic epic, it added another layer to her experience of the masterpiece. Then one day she saw the tarot images parading through Rackham’s drawings. It was a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and she got started right away. The result is a unique and powerful new tarot deck.

In merging the Rackham illustrations with the Rider-Waite® tarot format Printz was also very aware of mythic metaphors like the sagas of the Old European gods, the turbulent transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, and the restoration of the divine feminine.

This lively 78-card deck remains true to the traditional Rider-Waite® format, to Wagner’s The Ring of the Ribelung, and to Arthur Rackham’s original drawings. The 256-page companion book describes Printz’s journey as she created the deck and the insight which she gained while doing it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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