Deck of Interest—The Oracle of E

Jan 12 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Hay House

Hay House

Does the Great Intelligence Tweet to you?

Finally, there’s an oracle deck streamlined for Millenials and Wanna-Be Millenials. This 52-card deck and its 60-page guidebook is GPS for the soul. From Right Side Up (card 1) to Hasta La Vista Baby (card 52), this is the less-is-more, no-religious-trappings-please version of divination.

The illustrations are simple and electric. (“Don’t waste our time!”) The interpretations offered in the companion book are equally streamlined and energetic. These two seasoned professionals are not telling readers what to do. Rather, they are pointing us in the correct direction and leaving the rest up to us. This is a deck for those who aren’t afraid of their own power and who are ready to embrace the journey of self-enlightenment with as little regulation and limitation as possible. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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