Deck of Interest—Fairy Tarot Cards

Jan 26 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Hay House

Hay House

Are you talking to your fairies?

The creators of these 78 silver-edged cards refer to fairies as God’s nature angels. They created this deck so the rest of us could get to know them better. They set the enchanting illustrations in Glastonbury, England to emphasize the magic that fairies bring into the lives of those they favor. They nicknamed the cards the “self-esteem” deck because the messages in and on the cards are intended to build self-confidence and help readers reach their full divine potential. The 186-page companion book provides additional guidance towards that goal.

The cards are beautifully illustrated and layered with symbolism. The Princess of Spring plays under Joseph of Arimethea’s hawtorn tree. The Prince of Summer rides a dandelion under a full moon. The Queen of Autumn sits on a throne while magic swirls around her. The King of Winter walks alone with his friend the owl.

Supportive, inspired, and highly energetic, the deck was designed to work in concert with the Angel Tarot Cards, also created by Virtue and Valentine. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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