Deck of Interest—Angel Inspiration Deck

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Which angel do you need today?

Kim Dreyer has digitally rendered 44 beautiful and emotive angels to create this inspirational deck. Winged guardians from other realms permeate many belief systems and Dreyer’s inclusive imagery reflects that multi-cultural foundation. She has even transformed several of the traditionally male angels into female form.

The 60-page companion book provides valuable insight into each card. It provides a keyword for the card, the name of the associated angel, an interpretation of the guidance which the card is suggesting, questions from the angels, and affirmations to repeat in response to those questions. There is a separate chart packaged with the deck that provides correspondences between angels and specific needs.

You can feel a lightness of energy as you hold the cards. Just viewing the ethereal images lifts the spirits. It’s a great deck, for comfort as well as guidance. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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