Deck of Interest—Tarot of Marseille

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Lo Scarabeo

What is the power of the Tarot of Marseille?

This revitalized version of Claude Burdel’s classic 1751 French tarot deck wasn’t reproduced as an exact replica of the earliest decks. Instead the colors have been restored to their original intensity and hue, the background has been cleaned up, and the images have been sharpened. The result is a deck containing long-standing, powerful esoteric symbols and icons created with modern technological quality.

Because Marseille became the manufacturing center of high quality, low cost tarot decks in the 18th Century, the symbolism used in those 78-card decks became the standard for decks everywhere and was carried forward into current times. These images have been used for divination for hundreds of years and thus have acquired an astral presence which this deck definitely taps into. The fact that the Minor Arcana contains numerological representations of the four suits, rather than pictorial illustrations as in the Rider-Waite deck, means that it requires additional engagement by the reader to unlock its secrets. It’s a perfect deck for those interested in numerology and the symbolism of the four directions. The boldness of the Major Arcana imagery provides easy entreé to the beginner, and the concise instruction book will give them the basic interpretations they will need to get started. It’s a must-have for every serious student of tarot. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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