Deck of Interest—Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards

Feb 16 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Findhorn Press

Findhorn Press

Do you know how to contact archangels?

Crystal guru Margaret Ann Lembo has combined the wisdom of the Archangels with the powerful vibrational matrixes of gemstones to bring readers this set of beautifully photographed cards. Calling on 11 archangels and 44 gemstones, the deck offers insight, inspiration, protection, and healing.

One side of the card features the gemstone and guidance related to the aspects of life that the stone is associated with (grounding, abundance, health, relationships). The other side of the card names the archangel which Lembo is calling on and an affirmation to draw that archangel’s energy into the reader’s world.

These cards make a unique divination tool in addition to providing guidance for rebalancing one’s life and facing challenges. A joy to look at and easy to work with on every level, this deck is a special spiritual tool which is also very appealing to the inner child. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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