Deck of Interest—First Light Tarot

Mar 12 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer Publishing

What will you find in outer space?

Drawing on the beautiful images sent back to earth by the Hubble telescope, this  highly inventive new deck of oracle cards merges astrology, numerology, and the Major Arcana of traditional tarot cards with those images. A second set of cards uses the images to communicate intuitive guidance sent to earth from the cosmos. Finally, a third set of cards provides a framework for using the first two sets of cards to divine information in response to specific inquiries.

The result is that, even with no previous experience, it is easy to ask this deck for answers. Just pick the Spread card that states your intention (Why is This Happening?, First Step, Obstacles, etc.). Then shuffle the remaining cards and pull one from the deck (Major Arcana cards or Insight cards) to place on top of the Spread card. Pull additional cards as you desire, remembering to factor in the number on the cards you choose and the astrological designation if available. Key words appear on the front of each card for quick-start readings. The companion book provides additional suggested interpretation. Two Wild Spread cards are included which allow users to craft their own specific questions as they become more advanced.

The elegantly-boxed set includes 22 Major Arcana cards, 22 channeled Insight cards, 22 Spread cards, a 96-page full-color companion book, and a 4-page quick reference chart. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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