Book of Interest—Deviant Moon Tarot

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Does the moon speak to you?

Never before has the tale of discovering tarot, from the sighting of a small box in a shopping mall to the creation of one of the most successful and inventive decks of all time, been recounted in such detail and with such animation. From the moment he talked his parents into buying him that first tarot deck, Valenza practiced recreating the cards. He arrived at adolescence with advanced drawing and interpretative skills. By the age of 18, he had created the first thirteen Deviant Moon tarot cards. Then, as he matured and his style began to morph and his interests changed, he put those first thirteen cards away and didn’t return to them until 2004. When he did reconnect to the deck, it began to come to life in an extraordinary way. Digitally merging the figures with his extensive photography collection, the current version of the Deviant Moon tarot was born.

Beautifully printed, this book is a visual feast as well as a stellar documentation of the creative process. After telling us his story, Valenza takes us on a personal tour through the deck. Each card is reproduced as a full page illustration. Valenza tells us how he interprets the card and gives us a peek at how the card came to life by sharing preliminary sketches and reference material with us. Tarot lovers, artists, or those who are curious about creative esoteric reality will find this a very special treasure indeed. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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