Deck of Interest—Mystical Wisdom Card Deck

Apr 05 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, US Games

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What does the mystical world want to teach you?

Offering guidance for the present and predictions for the future, this angel-inspired, 46-card deck is brought to life with highly energetic illustrations, vibrating at the frequencies of the enlightened beings from which they were derived. The
64-page companion book offers insight into the symbolism of each illustration, a key phrase to help users connect with the card’s message, and a dedicated mantra to access the energy of the angel, animal totem, or spirit guide associated with the card.

Gentle in their overall appearance, yet dynamic in their execution, these cards beckon us to follow them toward a life of joy and productivity. The intensely detailed content makes them excellent divination tools while the swirling coherence of colors and symbolism make them highly charged for meditation. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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