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Hampton Roads Publishing

Do you know the truth about tarot?

Dee has pieced together the scattered remnants of early tarot history into one of the more lucid accounts of tarot’s past that I have come across. He turns a similarly clear eye to the origins of Qabala, Hermeticism, and the Order of the Golden Dawn.

There is an in-depth section on the various correspondences commonly made with the tarot cards (astrology, the Hebrew alphabet, numerology, The Tree of Life). Dee compassionately puts much of this information into charts for easier comprehension and ongoing reference.

By the time Dee gets to the individual card interpretations, he has not only gained our trust, he has instilled enough knowledge for us to have insight into the interpretations that are given and how they were derived.

Basic instructions for reading the cards and a selection of card spreads comes at the back of the book. Those who read the book from front to back will have gained enough confidence in their understanding of card symbology to be ready to dive right in to readings. Dee ends by telling us that tarot meanings are not set in stone, giving us permission to chart our own course from there. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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