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Tarot Trumps. What, Where, Why, and How?

Gilchrist takes us back to the beginning, to the time when tarot imagery was pageantry that echoed through the streets and touched people’s lives.

First she shows us the triumphs (trumps) as many historians suggest they existed 500 hundred years ago in Northern Italy. Then she gives brief keynote interpretations of each triumph. Lastly, after much detailed instruction about working with the cards, she takes us on an in-depth journey through these 22 major cards and the ways in which they trigger ideas and suggestions as magical archetypes.

Part autobiography. Part metaphysical history of tarot. Part spiritual inquiry. Part instruction manual. What separates this book from the many, many other tarot books is Gilchrist’s constant reminder that the tarot triumphs are living imagery and meant to be interacted with. It’s a great way to get to know the cards, however you intend to use them. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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