Tarot from the Trenches™ — REBA — 12.5.2018

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After days of watching model-thin women shuffling along in 6” spike heels, high-end seductive clothing, and blackened eye makeup reminiscent of the Andy Warhol/Studio 54 days, it was a relief to see Reba McEntire quietly step forward at St. Martin’s in an ankle length black skirt and flat-soled shoes. At the 41st President’s request, she sang The Lord’s Prayer, letting her God-given talent —fastidiously perfected over decades — captivate a global audience without any superficial trappings. My reluctantly-feminist heart took flight.

I decided to pull a couple of tarot cards from the Smith-Waite Boderless deck (U.S. Games) to try and get insight in the circumstance and my feelings about it.

The first card I pulled was the FOUR of SWORDS. I associate this card with withdrawal and rest. It also crossed my mind immediately that swords often indicate mental activity. Perhaps it is time to stop overthinking feminism and women’s rights. I felt that the message was to turn inward, let the outside world do whatever it needed to do, and let the gains that have been made incubate until the time is right for them to emerge.

The second card I pulled was the KNIGHT of WANDS. It’s a card of sudden changes sweeping in unexpectantly. Wands represent energy, passion, and the desire nature. It can be sexual energy. Maybe woman are about to experience a change in the way they factor sexual chemistry into day-to-day activities. We all tend to accept the common wisdom that men are visual creatures, hence the elaborate trappings that most woman accept as common practice. What if women began to make those trappings for private audiences only. What if we were forced to rely on our talents and experience for status and attention in public. What if women stopped competing based on sexuality and forced men to deal with us as three-dimensional entities. Right now, it seems a bit of a stretch, but for two days now we have been hearing about the 73-year-long devotion between George and Barbara Bush. We watched Laura Bush wipe the tears from her eyes as she remained steadfast at her husband’s side while he oversaw the burial of his father.

I think the cards are telling me that the seeds have been planted. Just chill and let them grow when and how they’re ready.

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