Deck of Interest—Chakra Wisdom Tarot

Mar 30 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest

How much do you know about your chakras?

This lineup of glamorous ladies, and a few handsome escorts, takes readers through a tour of the tarot which has been specifically designed to connect with the energies of the chakra system. The illustrations on the cards are very polished and high-end. One might say it’s Tarot goes to the Oscars but that would be making light of Hartman’s decades of experience with both the tarot and the other realms.

Hartman’s motto is: Enlightenment Made Simple. It affirms her dedication to make esoteric concepts simple for others to understand. This new deck is a perfect example of her ability to do that.

The deck includes a beautiful 112-page, full-color guidebook. It includes four new tarot layouts specifically for use with the chakra system. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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