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May 11 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Beyond Words

How do you contact your Divine Feminine?

As issues of female empowerment reach peak media attention, Helene Lerner, founder of has tackled the challenge of how to help women deal with the increasing pressures that they face without retreating and giving up opportunities for advancement. She has created this deck of fifty cards to help women gain balance, navigate change, reach acceptance, and fuel their creativity. Garth Brooks calls the deck “a soulful, motivational reminder that keeps women’s goals and dreams alive”. Jane Mjolsness’ quietly powerful drawings bring the concepts to life.

Designed to be daily meditational/mindfulness tools, those of you who do card readings will find them invaluable in spreads that deal with resolving crises and removing blocks to advancement. Just thumbing through the deck produces a serene energy and sense of relaxed control. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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