Deck of Interest—Magical Dogs Tarot

May 17 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Llewellyn

What secrets will these canines tell you?

Mickie Mueller’s engaging portraits will capture the hearts of canine lovers, but these cards contain much more than the animated representations which bring each breed to life. Mickie and her husband Daniel tell us that “inside the breast of every dog beats the heart of a wolf”. They remind us that the ancient partnership between canine and human dates back to the beginning of recorded history. As totem animals they appear in almost all of the world’s spiritual traditions.

In addition to being a powerful interpretation of the tarot symbolism, these canine card images connect us to ancient mysteries and primeval magic. The well-thought-out symbolism coupled with the expressive illustrations make this a great deck to study in addition to using it for readings. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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