Deck of Interest—Sacred Earth Oracle

Jun 08 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Blue Angel

How do you honor Mother Earth?

Global author and artist Toni Salerno joined forces with spiritual editor and author Williams to create an oracle deck that is deeply connected to the physical realm and sensory perception. Add in the extraordinary watercolor visions of Helena Nelson-Reed and you have an oracle deck that not only shows the way to connecting with the powerful forces of Mother Earth but also demonstrates reverence to Sacred Earth as a powerful healer, teacher and muse. If you’re feeling that you’ve lost touch with the grounding of the physical plane around you, this is the deck that will help you get reconnected.

At a time when we hear more and more about the stresses (and possible demise) of Mother Earth, this is the deck that will remind you why the Earth has survived for so many millenial. The imagery of these cards bring magic into that survival. It is a deck that affirms the future of the earth and those who inhabit it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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