Deck of Interest—Dark Mirror Oracle Deck

Jun 29 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Llewellyn

What are you afraid to shine a light upon?

This unique, and beautifully rendered, deck is designed specifically to summon and process aspects of our subconscious that remain in hiding. Using the moon as a model, it takes us from the light of a waxing moon, to the full moon and its reflected insight, through waning, and finally into the darkness which is sometimes so very scary. The design of the cards factors in the five stages of grieving, as well as other psychological truths.

If you feel as if something inside of you has been knocking on a door, trying to get your attention, this deck will help you recognize the issues that might be coming to the surface so that you will be more comfortable facing them.

Initially the deck might seem haunting and mysterious. With use, I think you will find that it is a helpful companion during difficult passages along your life’s path.

Professional card readers might want to consider pulling one card from this deck to provide perspective for a spread that doesn’t seem to be making sense. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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