Deck of Interest—Archetypes

Sep 27 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, HarperOne

New from Kim Krans!

Does the mountain speak to you?

Kim Krans created the original indie-tarot-mega-deck, and set the standard for personal-web-brand crossovers to traditional mainstream success. Throughout her heady journey, she has remained true to her creative core and the original The Wild Unknown model/brand. About four years after drawing the original life-changing deck, she discovered that her life, though hugely successful, lacked enchantment. Her seeker-self set out to find that missing part of herself. A friend brought her to the gate of depth psychology (and Carl Jung) and she began a new leg of her journey. After a classic, depth-psychology creative transformation, she has resurfaced in the major media world with a powerful oracle deck that takes The Wild Unknown into new territory.

Her wish for the you, the reader, is that you will trust the archetypal image that reaches out to you. She has used her classic line drawing and watercolor style to present you with 78 images to consider.

HarperOne has exquisitely packaged this powerful deck. The round cards are packaged in a separate round container and the beautiful 226-page guidebook reproduces Krans’ original artwork and explanatory insights with great attention to detail. It contains a wealth of information, all hand-written by Krans. I love this deck. PREORDER THE DECK

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