Deck of Interest—The Alchemical Visions Tarot

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On sale November 1.

Can you change the future?

A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman-Smith created their iconic tarot deck during the Piscean age. It was the age of fishermen and carpenters remembering the ancient wisdom of the Goddess as patriarchy tried to erase every trace of Her. The Waite-Smith deck is painted with esoteric Judeo-Christian symbolism, reflecting the path that moved the feminine aspects of Wisdom along as best it could. Now, we are, predominately, in the Aquarian age, the age of humankind. The Universal Ancient Wisdom is emerging in a balanced and inclusive way, available to the many instead of the segregated few. The current proliferation of tarot/divination decks is an indication of the modern availability of esoteric wisdom to the general public.

It was the apparent superficiality of many of those decks that first drew Taussig into an intense journey through the world of tarot symbolism. Ten years later, the result is a cutting-edge deck for the new age. Using digital technology, he combines the look of old-school renderings with modern psychological imagery and brings it all to life using Jungian archetypal coloring.

Weiser Books has packaged this deck and 184-page book exquisitely to let seekers know that the set contains something very special. This is a deck which is meant to be worked with over time. While it will certainly trigger useful information when called upon for divination, the highest use of the deck will be for personal insight and inspiration. PRE-ORDER FOR THE DECK

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