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Where does TAROT symbolism come from?

FAIR WARNING. This is a serious scholarly treatise tracing the roots of TAROT imagery back to the beginnings of recorded history. Those who are less inclined to academic undertakings might want to turn directly to Page 73 and begin reading with the individual descriptions of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. If you are at all serious about interpreting tarot cards, you will find this section a very worthwhile undertaking. For those of us who have developed an ongoing curiosity about where the tarot cards really came from, the seriously-researched, new information provided here is well worth making quality time to review.

Flowers relies heavily on the work of Swedish scholar Sigurd Agrell as well as presenting more than a few obscure texts that have been all but overlooked in recountings of TAROT’s roots. He reviews the contributions of the names most of us are familiar with (Waite/Smith, Crowley/Harris, Lèvi, Papus, de Gebelin, Mathers, Huson, and Etteilla). Once he has put the traditional lore of the past century-plus into perspective, he traces the symbology back to India and Iran. He suggests that the most likely scenario is that the philosophies of Iranian Mithrism found their way into the military cults of ancient Rome and became the basis of Hermetic initiatory practice. When Christianity began driving these ancient esoteric cults underground, their metaphysical allure was concentrated. That concentration has been blossoming during the last few decades as New Age brought all of these things out of the underworld and into the mass awareness.

Flowers gave me the thread that connected all the pieces of Western esoteric wisdom I have been collecting. He writes directly without the obscure trappings of esoteric writings from a century ago. If you know who the players are, it suddenly all makes sense. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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