Deck of Interest—Santa Muerte Oracle

Nov 01 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Lo Scarabeo

How do you honor the ancestors?

Listrani’s vivid imagination continues on where his Santa Muerte Tarot left off, adding 32 more cards to the imagery of the Great Lady of Death. He divides the cards into four levels of vibration (which resonate with the Four Worlds of Kabbalah). He leaves it to individual readers to determine whether these cards should follow or precede the Santa Muerte Tarot images. He offers us compelling images which merge the traditional with the futuristic, capturing the raw energy that moves human beings through the ongoing cycles of life and death. His intent is to free us from the limited perceptions of the physical plane and open communication with those who have gone before us and those who will follow us.

It’s an amazing deck, especially at Samhain. And then there’s this fun fact, if you lay the cards out face down in four rows of eight cards, you will have a ouija board. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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