Deck of Interest—The Charles Dickens Tarot

Which Dickens’ character speaks to you?

Charles Dickens might seem like a strange choice to build a tarot deck on, but the reality is that Dickens’ fiction recounts the universal themes of humankind in extraordinary and colorful detail. Whatever situation readers ask the tarot about, Dickens has written about it somewhere in his works.

The horizontal orientation of the cards might come as a further shock to those who are used to traditional tarot formats. The wide angle perspective, however, signals that there is much to see and explore in the card that has presented itself. The cast of characters, some real and some fictional, needs room to maneuver as they bring their wisdom to us.

This 78 card deck comes beautifully packaged with a gorgeous full-color companion book. It’s a unique divination tool as well as a great conversation starter. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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