Decks of Interest—2019 Divination Deck Stocking Stuffers

THE TAROT of ENCHANTED DREAMS • Yasmeen Westwood • RED Feather
Yasmeen Westwood found magic in the tarot and she has used her artistry to create a dream world where others can find magic as well. She called upon her electronic art skills to create collaged images that offer readers the keys to a world behind the images portrayed. As with fairy tales, this deck will have great appeal to each reader’s inner child. The often exotic symbolism in the illustrations make it a great deck for meditation and psychic work as well. 78-card deck and full-color companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK


PIXIEKINS • Paulina Cassidy • US Games
This deck is like a box full of whimsical, humorous life coaches. Feeling a little down? Pull a card and let Chester, Miss Heebeehoot, Daddy Tequila Sundown, or Fiona Fluffington show you how to lift your spirits. (“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”) Inspiration is the breath of life and inspiration is what Paulina Cassidy packed into these cards. Her trademark illustration style brings the words of wisdom to life as each character speaks to us. Terrific for meditation, it will also be a fun divination tool for experienced readers.72-card deck. SHOP FOR THE DECK

THE ALCHEMICAL VISIONS TAROT • Arthur Taussig • Weiser Books
Arthur Taussig is the Aquarian Age version of a Renaissance Man: a physicist, photographer, filmmaker, and musican. When he discovered the world of tarot, he embarked on a journey to bring the traditional imagery of tarot into the New Age. Using digital technology, historic artwork, and Jungian psychology, he created a deck which is provocative, inclusive, and expansive. Weiser’s exquisite packaging signals the cutting-edge power of this deck. Any serious student of tarot will want to explore this groundbreaking visual symbolism. 78-card deck and companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

NICOLETTA CECCOLI TAROT • Nicoletta Ceccoli • Lo Scarabeo
Nicoletta Ceccoli takes us back down the rabbit hole; this time to explore the world of tarot. Tarot and Ceccoli. It’s a perfect pairing. Experienced tarot readers understand that while there are traditional meanings for each tarot card, it is the leap of faith off the cliff with The Fool that leads us to the wisdom and insight in the tarot’s symbolism. Ceccoli adds her own edgy style to that journey, mixing innocence with humor and malevolence with sensuality to create a unique experience of the Hero’s Journey. 78-card deck and guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

These two-sided cards, designed by Richard Crookes, pair the vibrational energy of totem animals with corresponding crystals. Lembo asks readers to look for signs in their own lives to determine what messages animals bring to us when they occur repeatedly in our dreams or in real life. She suggests the crystal vibration that will help maximize the energy that the animal appears to be gifting to the reader. Each card contains a declaration of affirmative thinking on each side. (Red Calcite • Ant • I stay focused on the task at hand.) 44-card deck. SHOP FOR THE DECK

This deck represents the original Indie-Deck success story. Kim Krans set the story in motion and made the world aware of it, then Harper One expanded that into a series of groundbreaking products. Krans put pen to paper directly to capture the spirit of the animal kingdom, allowing each creature to signal its inherent message. The personality of each species is represented, fully animated, and reaching out off the card to connect with the reader’s intent. These animals become personal friends and mentors as we make our way through the deck. 63-card deck with handwritten companion guide. SHOP FOR THE DECK

THE CRYSTAL SPIRITS ORACLE • Colette Baron-Reid & Jena DellaGrottaglia, artwork • Hay House
Crystals have become hugely popular as treasured objects and the energies they carry is recognized and called upon for many purposes. But how many people truly get to know their crystals? Colette Baron-Reid has developed a personal relationship with the spirits of these powerful stones and created this deck to share that knowledge with readers. Beautifully illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia, the subdued faces on the cards wait to be invited into the readers life. Baron-Reid tells us how to do that, as well as sharing the special gifts each unique ethereal personality offers through its stone. 58-card deck and companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

SPIRIT WITHIN TAROT • Steven Bright • RED Feather
Bold, graphic backgrounds are inhabited by stark, black silhouettes in this very modern interpretation of traditional tarot. Bright called on the simple, silhouetted images to move the Hero’s Journey forward without designating age, gender, or ethnicity. Readers will be attracted to the colorful environments as they connect easily with the figures represented. The deck is more relevant than ever, serving as a mirror which reflects back to each reader whatever it is they need to see. Judgment is suspended as each card presents a portal with endless possibilities. 78-card deck and full-color companion book.

CHIBI ANIME ANGEL CARDS • Dawn Brown • Findhorn Press
It might be difficult to believe that these charming little angel drawings contain the secrets of the universe, but Dawn Brown has worked very hard to insure that that is the case. Even the symbolism of the angel names is powerful. Brown has added imagery that is intended to unlock the universal wisdom we hold in our subconscious. By allowing the toy-like Chibi Anime illustrations to connect directly with the inner child, readers will gain access to the deepest levels of their inner knowing. 44-card deck. SHOP FOR THE DECK

QUEEN of the MOON ORACLE • Stacey DeMarco & Kinga Britshgi, artwork • Rockpool Publishing
This spectacular deck is the result of Stacey DeMarco’s lifetime of studying (and loving) the moon. Kinga Britschgi’s elegant photographic collages capture the power of those lunar energies. Highly positive in her interpretations of each card, DeMarco speaks with insight, reassurance, and common sense guidance. She tells readers everything they might want to know about lunar cycles, special moons (Blue Moon, Super Moon) and the traditional metaphysical associations and applications of lunar wisdom. 44-card deck and full-color companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

This is one of my all-time favorite decks. It captures the excitement of old-fashioned, traveling circuses and sideshows. The circus is a world which Joe Lee knows well and it infuses his graphic artwork. His Major Arcana cards merge tarot and circus icons while taking on the style of mid-century circus posters. His Minor Arcana cards express traditional symbolism with depictions of day-to-day life under and around the big top. From the glitz and glory to the sweat and strain, readers enter this mysterious world for a tour that is meant to reveal the deeper wisdom of the ages. 78-card deck and guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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