Deck of Interest—The Mystical Dream Tarot

Dec 13 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

What do your dreams tell you?

Piedilato defines herself as a dreamer. She transferred that skill to her work as a transpersonal psychologist. Now she has drawn on that reservoir of wisdom to create The Mystical Dream Tarot.

While she relies on the traditional 78-card tarot format for organizational purposes, from there she branches off to create a series of images that offer opportunities for personal exploration rather than formalized interpretations. The images are taken from sketches she made of her own dreams upon waking. Those images have been brilliantly translated into wood prints by Tom Duxbury. The subtle color scheme reflects the misty realm from which the images arise. They border on eerie but give one the sense that they are about to turn magical. Piedilato tells us that imagery is a language. It is a language she hopes to share with readers and this deck is a powerful invitation to join her in the subconscious world where these images reside.

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