Deck of Interest—Tarot Grand Luxe

Dec 28 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, US Games

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Ciro Marchetti’s digital artwork has become a standout in the world of metaphysical illustration. He pulls details from a myriad of visual sources, then merges them flawlessly, adding his own “personal twists” along the way. The result is a very polished finished product which maintains the vague sense of mystery necessary to convey esoteric information. For this deck, he draws on the traditional forms of tarot, especially Pamela Colman Smith and the Tarot de Marseilles. He takes flight, however, from that substantial foundation and makes his way through the growing complexity of tarot imagery. The result is a visually lush deck of cards which remain thought-provoking despite their exquisite finished form.

This is a deck that experienced tarot readers won’t want to miss. Novices will find the inclusive images inviting, and Marchetti’s tarot insight will certainly point them in the right direction for further exploration. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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