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Book of Interest—The Magian Tarok

Oct 26 2019 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Inner Traditions

Where does TAROT symbolism come from?

FAIR WARNING. This is a serious scholarly treatise tracing the roots of TAROT imagery back to the beginnings of recorded history. Those who are less inclined to academic undertakings might want to turn directly to Page 73 and begin reading with the individual descriptions of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. If you are at all serious about interpreting tarot cards, you will find this section a very worthwhile undertaking. For those of us who have developed an ongoing curiosity about where the tarot cards really came from, the seriously-researched, new information provided here is well worth making quality time to review.

Flowers relies heavily on the work of Swedish scholar Sigurd Agrell as well as presenting more than a few obscure texts that have been all but overlooked in recountings of TAROT’s roots. He reviews the contributions of the names most of us are familiar with (Waite/Smith, Crowley/Harris, Lèvi, Papus, de Gebelin, Mathers, Huson, and Etteilla). Once he has put the traditional lore of the past century-plus into perspective, he traces the symbology back to India and Iran. He suggests that the most likely scenario is that the philosophies of Iranian Mithrism found their way into the military cults of ancient Rome and became the basis of Hermetic initiatory practice. When Christianity began driving these ancient esoteric cults underground, their metaphysical allure was concentrated. That concentration has been blossoming during the last few decades as New Age brought all of these things out of the underworld and into the mass awareness.

Flowers gave me the thread that connected all the pieces of Western esoteric wisdom I have been collecting. He writes directly without the obscure trappings of esoteric writings from a century ago. If you know who the players are, it suddenly all makes sense. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Magick of YOU Oracle

Aug 30 2019 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

What will you see in this mirror?

These 36 exotic, cutting-edge digital illustrations by Marcela Bolivar move color to the background and allow shadow and light to take center stage. The technique makes them extraordinarily powerful images which are perfectly aligned with Fiona Horne’s intentions for each card. Just short of being “dark”, they bring the shadow aspects close enough to the light for us to grasp them.

Unlike a lot of oracle decks, this one was specially created by Horne to be used by those who want to read for themselves. Horne encourages readers to look into each card and let it reflect important aspects of themselves back to them. She tells us that her written interpretations of the cards are meant to open doors for readers, not to be the final word. She lets us know that what we find for ourselves in each card is the gift and the blessing.

The beautifully-designed, full-color 106-page companion book provides readers with all the basics. There is a ritual suggested for each card. The rituals are down-to-earth enough to be usable by newcomers to the craft. At the same time, they are founded on solid energetic principles that will make them inviting to those who are familiar with craftwork. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—Tarot for Troubled Times

Jun 22 2019 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

How does the Tarot help?

But know this: we’re living in a time of profound shadow work … Collectively and individually, we are being called to take action, to face the shadow and instigate radical change.

Even a superficial look at the world around us seems to indicate that as a society, as a species, we have lost our way. This book is a response to that. With an amazing amount of insight and backup information, these authors ask us to give up domination and reclaim the personal strength that comes from within. That will require us to face our own shadow self and stop projecting it outward onto others without getting lost in the darkness. Using the tarot as a mirror and extracting guidance from its archetypal symbolism provides a tested and true path for doing this complex and invaluable work.

In addition, to explaining in detail how all this works, the authors have filled the book with personal anecdotes, suggested visualizations, rituals, ceremonies, and strategies for taking what is gained out into the world to create real and lasting change. It’s an amazing contribution to the world of tarot. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Tarot and the Archetypal Journey

May 31 2019 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

What does Jung have to do with TAROT?

In case you missed it the first time (this book was originally published in 1980), Weiser Books is giving you a second chance to benefit from Sallie Nichols’ wisdom and insight. It turns out that she was well ahead of her time in terms of her perspective. Advances in neuroscience are making metaphysics understandable in scientific rather than esoteric terms. It’s difficult to believe that this book was written post these new discoveries.

Nichols asks readers to focus on the symbolism of the cards, ignoring the many elaborate interpretations and correspondences to other spiritual philosophies which exist in classic tarot literature. She tells us that dealing with the basic symbolism of the cards, and applying Jungian techniques for exploring the depth of that symbolism within our own subconscious, will reveal life changing wisdom at a level beyond words. Anyone who’s studied the tarot seriously understands that the cards represent what Joseph Campbell calls “the hero’s journey”. Nichols describes her own journey and points us toward our ability to journey for ourselves.

Red Wheel/Weiser provides a great service by reprinting tarot treasures like this so they are once again available to the general public. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Traditional Witchcraft For The Seashore

Jan 10 2018 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest

Do the waves speak to you?

Craft practitioner and teacher Draco begins her Traditional Witchcraft series with a look at the magical setting created by the powerful combination of water, light, and moon. While most people associate Craft work with forests and meadows, Draco calls our attention to the magic of coastal landscapes shaped by the sea. She introduces us to Sea-Witches and tells us that the best time to do drawing magic is just before the high tide reaches its peak. She lets us know that estuaries foster chaos but are also sacred places of rebirth.

The book is chock full of physical plane information (weather, clouds, salt, driftwood, scallop shells) and merges science and magic. There are concise but brilliant instructions for doing rituals, magical tasks, and other exercises.

Decades ago, a Polish taxi driver in Krakow told me that if he was going fishing and he saw a priest or a nun, he turned around and went home because it meant bad luck on the sea. According to Draco, fisherman are the last bastion of pagan lore as opposed to modern religious hierarchies.

Draco’s Traditional Witchcraft series is truly a find for anyone interested in the emerging high-level rebirth of natural spirituality. She has gathered her information with loving care and an attention to detail. She presents it flawlessly. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Tarot Plain & Simple

Nov 09 2017 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

There is a new genre of metaphysical practitioners/instructors emerging from the chaos of the popularization of all things occult. They make it clear that they know and understand the traditional foundations of the craft they practice, but they have claimed that knowledge and turned it into wisdom that speaks to today’s practitioners. Leanna Greenaway is a standout in this new group.

The book includes a brief recap of traditional interpretations of each card, but then Greenaway goes on to offer a detailed modern interpretation which makes the card applicable to today’s challenges and situations. I was amazed at how clearly and concisely she stated each card’s implications and insight in ways that were relevant to the real world.

She relied on the time-tested work of A.E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith to illustrate her book. (The Rider-Waite deck is still the deck which I personally believe contains the most helpful symbolism for those whose interest in the occult extends beyond mere parlor tricks.)

I highly recommend this book to well-seasoned card readers as well as newcomers to the craft. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Books of Interest—The Magic of Trees

Mar 03 2017 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn

Llewellyn Publications

Have you talked with a tree recently?

From the author of The Magic of Flowers and Magical Housekeeping, now comes the definitive guide to trees and the spiritual role they play with humans. She has catalogued more than one hundred trees, listing spiritual, energetic, and magical properties in detail.

Did you know that a Maple Grove rescues the grandmother of a creator god in a Salteaux Indian myth? That the Fever Tree, source of quinine, is known in South America as the “medicine of medicines”? That avocado oil promotes hair growth? That Poplars, one of the fastest growing trees, are aligned with Jupiter and support expansion in all life areas?

The book includes suggested rituals, spells, visualizations, etc. It’s an excellent resource for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, as well as being fun to read. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Tarot Triumphs

Dec 12 2016 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

Weiser Books

Tarot Trumps. What, Where, Why, and How?

Gilchrist takes us back to the beginning, to the time when tarot imagery was pageantry that echoed through the streets and touched people’s lives.

First she shows us the triumphs (trumps) as many historians suggest they existed 500 hundred years ago in Northern Italy. Then she gives brief keynote interpretations of each triumph. Lastly, after much detailed instruction about working with the cards, she takes us on an in-depth journey through these 22 major cards and the ways in which they trigger ideas and suggestions as magical archetypes.

Part autobiography. Part metaphysical history of tarot. Part spiritual inquiry. Part instruction manual. What separates this book from the many, many other tarot books is Gilchrist’s constant reminder that the tarot triumphs are living imagery and meant to be interacted with. It’s a great way to get to know the cards, however you intend to use them. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Tarot for One

Nov 01 2016 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

Weiser Books

Can you really read tarot cards for yourself?

As a teacher, I have always cautioned my students about the perils of doing any kind of channeled readings for themselves (and I do believe that tarot is a tool for channeling information from the other side). Simultaneously, I’ve always admitted that I regularly read tarot cards for myself. Who among us can resist?

Weber is unique in encouraging readers to develop a system of communication with the tarot cards which is personal, rather than just applying traditional symbolism to the cards and interpreting them accordingly. It opens the door for a more spontaneous flow of information, and puts responsibility for accepting the truth of what the cards offer squarely on the shoulders of the person asking for the information. She suggests using the cards as direction for meditation about a situation rather than for predictions. While she warns about becoming addicted to looking for answers in the tarot deck, she makes the point that the world needs a bit of magick right now and the tarot is a perfect means of providing that.

Part workbook with practice exercises, part instruction manual, Weber’s voice speaks through the esoteric fog of centuries and captures the essence of the way in which spiritual forces are working with us today. She draws on traditional tarot wisdom, modern media metaphors, and her personal experience in order to make the tarot as accessible as possible to everyone.

I’ve been reading tarot cards for almost fifty years. I found this book insightful and motivating. Beginners will find that it provides everything they need to know to get started. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book of Interest—Tarot Mysteries

Aug 02 2016 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

Hampton Roads Publishing

Do you know the truth about tarot?

Dee has pieced together the scattered remnants of early tarot history into one of the more lucid accounts of tarot’s past that I have come across. He turns a similarly clear eye to the origins of Qabala, Hermeticism, and the Order of the Golden Dawn.

There is an in-depth section on the various correspondences commonly made with the tarot cards (astrology, the Hebrew alphabet, numerology, The Tree of Life). Dee compassionately puts much of this information into charts for easier comprehension and ongoing reference.

By the time Dee gets to the individual card interpretations, he has not only gained our trust, he has instilled enough knowledge for us to have insight into the interpretations that are given and how they were derived.

Basic instructions for reading the cards and a selection of card spreads comes at the back of the book. Those who read the book from front to back will have gained enough confidence in their understanding of card symbology to be ready to dive right in to readings. Dee ends by telling us that tarot meanings are not set in stone, giving us permission to chart our own course from there. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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