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Book Review — The Book of Psychic Symbols

Jun 06 2012 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn



This is an excellent psychic how-to. Organized around the intuitive use of symbols, the book covers the basics of tapping into and trusting our innate intuitive abilities, developing our psychic senses safely, and effectively applying psychic skills towards productive goals. Barnum includes exercises for psychic journaling, for connecting with spirit guides, for developing clairvoyance and other psychic senses, for grounding, for using psychometry and remote viewing, for interpreting colors, for understanding chakras and auras, and for working with tarot images. There are also sections about developing personal symbol interpretation, analyzing dreams, and symbol synchronicity in the physical world. The extensive glossary of symbols at the end of the book provides a terrific starter reference for those readers who are just beginning to tap into their intuitive side.

Barnum speaks with the authority of someone who has worked successfully as a professional intuitive for years. She shares her expertise openly with readers. She has written a book which makes sense (something a lot of intuitives are not able to manage). Down-to-earth, upbeat but realistic, and easy to read, this one is definitely a standout. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book Review — Around the Tarot in 78 Days

May 19 2012 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn


Llewellyn Worldwide

Tarot experts Katz and Goodwin have come up with a creative, interactive new approach for studying tarot. Whether you want to learn to read cards, or to use classic tarot symbolism and images to tap into esoteric wisdom, this book is a perfect place to start. Set up as a journey through the traditional 78-card tarot deck, the reader is invited to visit one card a day and explore it as a destination. The authors then build on that basic format, providing information about tarot-related subjects (correspondences) like numerology, astrology, Kabbalah, essential oils, and magickal tradition.

The information in the book is well-organized so it is easy to access, but there is lots of it (the book has 424 pages). The Reading List at the end, spanning a hundred years of tarot writings, indicates the broad range of resources the author relied upon to create this tarot tool. The end product is synergistic, not a compilation. It is a unique presentation which includes fun titles like The Clockwork Museum, The Garden of Delights, The Pyramid Plaza, and The Ancient Coliseum. The addition of Affirmations, Meditations, and original spread designs helps the reader become an active participate in the world they are exploring.

The book will be as valuable as an addition to a reference library as it is as a starter course for serious tarot study. If you want to learn what lies behind the intriguing pictures in your tarot deck, this is the book for you. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Book Review — Numerology Made Easy

Feb 10 2012 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest



What is a life path number? What is a destiny number? What is a master number? Why is eleven different, even from other master numbers? Why do repeated digits need to be interpreted in context? What is the “23 Enigma”? What is a magic square? What do computers have in common with Divine Intelligence? And — of course — what is 11:11 all about?

If any of these questions intrigue you, Numerology Made Easy is the book for you. Written in a deceptively simple style, the information flows from the page into your brain almost magically. For those of us who have studied numerology for years, this book brings it all together in a form that makes the ideas truly functional. For those who are just beginning to study numbers, this is the perfect place to start. Simple examples demonstrate key techniques. Descriptions of the effects of numbers in different areas of our lives are distilled until they are clear, concise, and effective. I was especially interested in what Carter had to say about repeating digits. I got the answers I was looking for, communicated in a manner that will make those answers “stick” with me. This is a book for doers. I highly recommend it.

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Book Review – Tarot for Magical Times

Jan 20 2012 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, US Games

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

This is a magical new book from two of the most successful international tarot experts in the modern era. It is anchored in the current transformational transit of Pluto through Capricorn (2008 – 2024), and divided into three very different, but related, parts.

The book begins with a series of essays. The first one is by Rachel Pollack, the elegant voice-of-reason in the world of clamoring tarot enthusiasts. She manages to provide a new perspective in the long-standing debate over the origins of the tarot, as well as a beautifully-written overview of tarot interpretation. Then Johannes Fiebig, world-renowned for the psychological interpretation of symbols, demonstrates his expertise with an broad, in-depth analysis of The Tower, providing a model for distilling the wisdom in this ancient oracle. These writings are followed by a “guest essay” by astrologer Ernst Ott. Ott uses his knowledge of tarot and astrology to provide unique insight into the current Pluto transit which is tearing down the walls of the old order — releasing fear, opportunity, and aspects of our shadow selves.

The second part of the book contains interpretations of the symbolism of each of the 78 traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot illustrations. It includes concise divinatory meanings, followed by a suggested course of action, making this an excellent tool for those seeking help in using the tarot as an oracle.

The last part of the book is a thorough analysis of the Order of the Golden Dawn’s system of correspondence between the tarot and astrology. The extensive discussion of each card (in relationship to the horoscope sign or decan it is assigned to) provides additional insight into each of those cards. I’m delighted to have added this refined, intelligent, and prophetic tome to my tarot library.

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Book Review – Easy Tarot Reading

Dec 31 2011 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn

Llewellyn Worldwide

In this follow-up to her successful Easy Tarot, Ellershaw gives us additional insight into the process of reading tarot cards. She begins with the basics, even concisely reviewing some of the starter points in Easy Tarot. The bulk of the book is, however, devoted to putting what she teaches into practice. We get to look over her shoulder as she does ten readings, witnessing the interaction and her interpretive skill. She shares the thoughts that go through her head as she puts the pieces of those tarot readings together. She points out the ethical considerations involved in the process. She gives us feedback from the seekers. She adds a commentary at the end, discussing the special lessons/challenges that a specific reading presented.

If you’ve never read cards before, this is the book to start with. If you’re already reading cards, this is the book that will help you fine tune your skills (including tips for email and phone readings). Ellershaw meticulously documents her personal relationship with the tarot, and in doing so, points the way for others to discover new aspects of the cards for themselves.

Anna Jedrziewski

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Book Review — Who Are You in the Tarot?

Dec 01 2011 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

 Red Wheel/Weiser

With this new book, Mary Greer once again demonstrates her mastery of every level of the tarot. She was one of the first tarot writers/teachers to offer people ways in which to use these powerful archetypes for insight, personal growth, and healing. Now she is applying the concepts of astrology, numerology, and qabalah to the cards in a new and creative way. The book draws the reader in almost immediately, suggesting exercises for exploring the depths of the cards in personal ways and providing simple spreads to further that exploration.

Greer’s knowledge of tarot history is impeccable and her card interpretations provide new insights, even for those of us who have studied the cards for decades. She has made another stellar contribution to the world of tarot literature. Bravo!

© 2011 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Book Review – Tarot & Astrology

Oct 06 2011 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn


Llewellyn Worldwide

In a voice that speaks with a clarity and strength of message that is often missing from esoteric discourses, Kenner picks up where the Order of the Golden Dawn left off a century ago. Drawing on time-tested sources that are familiar to many of us (Arthur Waite, Aleister Crowley, Paul Huson, etc.), she moves through the standard 78-card tarot format, documenting each card’s link to astrology. For astrologers, the book gives a new dimension to their science, literally illustrating their practice. For tarot enthusiasts, the book opens doors to other worlds of understanding. Written in user-friendly language, the book is a good place for beginners to start — it is an even better refresher course for those already familiar with tarot and/or astrology.

The book contains lots of new spreads, simple to complex, and sample readings in which Kenner shows off her interpretative skills. Kenner’s “you can do it” tone invites readers to dive right in and learn by doing. The book is also designed to be an ongoing resource. It is fill with charts and diagrams, and has a handy glossary at the back.

I LOVED Kenner’s Tarot for Writers. She didn’t disappoint with this new book. The fact that it is illustrated with Kenner’s enchanting Wizards Tarot is the icing on the cake.

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The Tao of Tarot

Jul 18 2010 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest

Tao of Tarot cover

The Tao of Tarot: The Way to Health, Happiness and Spiritual Illumination Through QiGong Dreaming
Christina Bjergo
$24.95 (P), ISBN 978-1-84694-265-5
O Books

The tarot has always been held up as a key to esoteric wisdom. In particular, the detailed symbolism of A. E. Waite’s well-thought-out deck has been correlated with a vast array of spiritual philosophies. This author now makes the case that Taoist philosophy and QiGong practice are represented in those famous images. She believes the tarot images served as a bridge to carry Eastern esoteric wisdom back into Western society after it had been suppressed in the West for centuries.

Bjergo takes each major arcana card individually and describes its lessons and challenges. She especially focuses on what she calls QiGong Dreaming techniques, and the way in which the tarot images relate to dream images, and the healing that occurs when those images are analyzed.

The book is thorough and dense with background information from both Eastern and Western culture. It will be a good resource for those who are doing serious dreamwork and/or Jungian-based therapy

Anna Jedrziewski

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Tarot 101

May 30 2010 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Llewellyn

9780738719047Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards
Kim Huggens
ISBN 978–0-7387-1904-7
$17.95, Paperback
Llewellyn Publications

Do you believe it’s next to impossible for any one to write an exciting, informative, new book about tarot? I admit I did, but Kim Huggens has managed to pull it off. Using her years of study and breadth of experience, she has reshuffled the deck, organized it by themes (feminine archetypes, virtues and vices, astrology, the dark side, etc.), and woven it all together with instructions on how to read the cards.

The instructions start at the beginning — where and how to pick a deck. She goes on to cover how to use and create spreads, develop intuition, and do a reading. From there the instruction becomes more advanced (working with difficult questions, handling negative information, finding inspiration, and appropriate ethics).

Huggens’ advanced studies in Antiquities and Philosophy make the discussion of symbols, keywords, and literary associations for each card particularly compelling and put her on very solid ground when she links the tarot with magic, pathworking, and Kabbalah.

Beginners who follow her instructions for working with the book, and do the exercises as written, will find themselves quickly becoming competent card readers. Tarot professionals can just look up cards and add to their existing understanding and interpretations.
This one will be a welcome addition to any tarot library. Bravo, Kim Huggens!

© Copyright 2010 Anna Jedrziewski

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The Way of the Tarot

Mar 06 2010 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest

Reprinted from New Age Retailer with permission.

Way of theTarot cover

The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards
Alejandro Jodorowsky & Marianne Costa
$26.95 (P), ISBN 978-159477263-4
Destiny Books

The beginning of this book reads like a sophisticated treasure-hunt adventure. It also happens to include a history of tarot cards which will be invaluable to people who are studying tarot seriously. It might, however, be a little too much information for the novice. Not to worry. Beginners can start at the end of the book, Part Five, The Reading of the Tarot. It contains detailed instructions with examples.

Those of us who came of age during the 60’s will remember Jodorowsky as the creator of the film, El Topo. He brings the same sense of mystery and magic to this book. Combining that with his skills as a psychotherapist, and with the help of his co-teacher Marianne Costa, he has created a thorough and insightful new work about tarot. As the title indicates, the message is always to seek insight and growth through the cards, and to treat them with the respect a sacred text deserves. Jodorowsky recounts that at one point he asked the Tarot “What kind of power are you able to give me?” and he heard the Tarot answer that “You should acquire only the power of helping others. An art that does not heal is not an art.” The tarot is meant to mirror and challenge and that is the approach this book takes.

It is not a book for “dabblers” but it will be a good investment for anyone seeking a reference they can go back to over and over again as they gain experience with the cards. Jodorowsky uses cards from the beautifully reconstructed Tarot of Marseille, published by Camoin Éditions (, throughout the book.

Anna Jedrziewski
Spirit Connection New York
New York, NY

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