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Deck of Interest—The Angel Oracle

Apr 18 2016 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

Connections Book Publishing

How much influence do angels have in your life?

Angels, messengers of the gods, have been a trustworthy and comforting link between humans and heaven since the earliest recorded times. They have appeared in some form in almost every culture since the beginning of recorded history. The Angel Oracle brings the traditions of all those millennia into one box that gives readers the ability to call on the power of these elevated spirit beings and to ask for their help, and their insight, in their daily lives.

The 36 angel cards capture the power, love, and inspiration of these extraordinary spirit beings. The illustrations and the symbolism they contain harken back to familiar depictions of these heavenly entities but with subtle updates. Metatron gives readers a conspiratorial look from his stately pose on a cloud. The Angel of Forgiveness has a decidedly flirty, albeit innocent, air about her. And Uriel looks as if he’s about to break into a happy dance. It’s a sign that these angels are here to interact with us. Wauters captivating 112-page hardcover book summarizes the most relevant existing literature regarding angels but tells readers that their personal experience is more valuable than anything they will read. Each card carries an affirmation to help readers connect with the angelic energy it represents. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Byzantine Tarot

May 30 2015 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

Connections Book Publishing

What secrets are hidden in the past?

A crossroads of cultural and religious influences, Byzantium was also a rich and powerful society. Because it was as rich in artistic and decorative elements as it was in palace intrigue, the Byzantine Empire provides a lush well from which to draw images for iconic tarot symbolism. Using the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite format as their foundation, Matthews and Conway worked as a team to excavate a war-ravaged and looted civilization and reclaim its wisdom and enlightenment.

At the beginning of the 160-page companion book, John Matthews gives readers an overview of this dynamic region and how it influenced the creation of this deck. His narrative is followed by Cilla Conway’s tour through her personal process as she created the powerful imagery. She recounts drawing on Byzantine mosaics, frescoes, and manuscript illuminations, as she wrestled with existing artworks, religious and pagan icons, and her own imagination. In the end, she carefully let each archetype present itself as it wished.

This will be a special treat for historians, art historians and tarot buffs. The links made between Byzantium and the Italian Renaissance are an extra bonus. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book Review — Who Are You in the Tarot?

Dec 01 2011 Published by under Anna's Books of Interest, Red wheel/Weiser

 Red Wheel/Weiser

With this new book, Mary Greer once again demonstrates her mastery of every level of the tarot. She was one of the first tarot writers/teachers to offer people ways in which to use these powerful archetypes for insight, personal growth, and healing. Now she is applying the concepts of astrology, numerology, and qabalah to the cards in a new and creative way. The book draws the reader in almost immediately, suggesting exercises for exploring the depths of the cards in personal ways and providing simple spreads to further that exploration.

Greer’s knowledge of tarot history is impeccable and her card interpretations provide new insights, even for those of us who have studied the cards for decades. She has made another stellar contribution to the world of tarot literature. Bravo!

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