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Tarot from the Trenches™ — REBA — 12.5.2018

Dec 06 2018 Published by under Tarot from the Trenches™

After days of watching model-thin women shuffling along in 6” spike heels, high-end seductive clothing, and blackened eye makeup reminiscent of the Andy Warhol/Studio 54 days, it was a relief to see Reba McEntire quietly step forward at St. Martin’s in an ankle length black skirt and flat-soled shoes. At the 41st President’s request, she sang The Lord’s Prayer, letting her God-given talent —fastidiously perfected over decades — captivate a global audience without any superficial trappings. My reluctantly-feminist heart took flight.

I decided to pull a couple of tarot cards from the Smith-Waite Boderless deck (U.S. Games) to try and get insight in the circumstance and my feelings about it.

The first card I pulled was the FOUR of SWORDS. I associate this card with withdrawal and rest. It also crossed my mind immediately that swords often indicate mental activity. Perhaps it is time to stop overthinking feminism and women’s rights. I felt that the message was to turn inward, let the outside world do whatever it needed to do, and let the gains that have been made incubate until the time is right for them to emerge.

The second card I pulled was the KNIGHT of WANDS. It’s a card of sudden changes sweeping in unexpectantly. Wands represent energy, passion, and the desire nature. It can be sexual energy. Maybe woman are about to experience a change in the way they factor sexual chemistry into day-to-day activities. We all tend to accept the common wisdom that men are visual creatures, hence the elaborate trappings that most woman accept as common practice. What if women began to make those trappings for private audiences only. What if we were forced to rely on our talents and experience for status and attention in public. What if women stopped competing based on sexuality and forced men to deal with us as three-dimensional entities. Right now, it seems a bit of a stretch, but for two days now we have been hearing about the 73-year-long devotion between George and Barbara Bush. We watched Laura Bush wipe the tears from her eyes as she remained steadfast at her husband’s side while he oversaw the burial of his father.

I think the cards are telling me that the seeds have been planted. Just chill and let them grow when and how they’re ready.

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Tarot from the Trenches™—Deciding Kavanaugh—10.2.2018

Oct 02 2018 Published by under Llewellyn, Tarot from the Trenches™

Really important matters are almost always resolved in the gray areas. It might appear that the choices are black and white, but if you look more closely, you will probably discover that the tug of war between polar opposites is pulling things out of the shadows.

Like many of you I spent most of last Thursday watching the testimony of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Protestation from the far sides was so overwhelming that I decided to pull an oracle card and meditate on it looking for the wisdom surfacing from the center.

I reached for the new Lo Scarabeo Santa Muerte Oracle deck that Llewellyn just sent me. Santa Muerte represents transformation. It seemed like a good choice.

I shuffled the deck and pulled card number 5. When I looked at this card I saw rage. Then I read the text in the companion book and discovered that the card represented WILL (the force of desire). There was a discussion of the difference between directing our will with Love and directing it from the ego (fear/anger). I took a deep breath, turned my focus inward, and let my thoughts go where they wanted to. As usual, the result surprised me. Let me share the following with you.

As someone who teaches Spiritual Healing, I’ve listened to quite a few sex abuse survivors. I remember when Suzanne Somers and Roseanne Barr came forward to talk about being sexually abused. They were ridiculed in the media. But the door was opened. Slowly we saw the Catholic Church scandals come to light, then Penn State. Then, finally, the media turned inward and #metoo was born.

When the student is ready the teacher will come. Who among us suspected that the next, vital teacher would appear in Washington D.C., in the middle of one of the most intense partisan squabbles we have ever seen. But appear she did and she was perfect.

Her unmasked vulnerability (rising at times to the level of terror) captivated all of us in the first minutes. Her prepared remarks were impeccable. As a trained psychologist, she was very clear about how the incident she described had affected her — physically, emotionally, and mentally. She stated that she was coming forward in order to serve the best interests of her country and not to do damage to any one. She was confident enough through her trepidation to be able not to become defensive or evasive. These things all remained consistent as the hearing moved into the questioning phase.

I quickly stopped thinking about whether the Democrats or the Republicans were winning. I was watching a sex abuse victim who had not just become a survivor, but who had mastered how to use her trauma to help others. She had become a Way Shower, a Sacred Healer. I wondered how many victim/survivors were sitting in front of their TV’s thinking, “I want to be like her”. A change is going to come and it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court.

As I came back from my reveries, I pulled one more card from the deck. It was card number 30 REALIZATION. I will leave you with a quote from deck creator Fabio Listrani’s text for that card. Something with faraway roots has passed through our hands, infused emotions into our hearts, and finally bloomed like a flower in our mind and then in our work.

© 2018 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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