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Deck of Interest—The Enchanted LENORMAND Oracle

Apr 26 2019 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Lenormand, Watkins Publishing

What will LENORMAND say to you?

As a reigning pillar of divination history and education, Caitlín Matthews has made Lenormand one of her specialties. Her experience has shown her that the newer Lenormand decks, which add layers of details to the traditional images, are less effective as oracular tools than earlier decks with simpler imagery. It was Virginia Lee who suggested presenting each image in a crystal ball, emerging from a lush forest, in the center of the card. Together they resisted digital imagery and modern art materials for this magical deck, favoring instead these simple hand-painted cards. Matthews did add two new cards as additions to the traditional Man and Woman cards to make the deck inclusive.

The 160-page, full-color guidebook contains all the information that readers, new or seasoned, will need to maximize their experience with this enchanting presentation of the Petit Lenormand. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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