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Deck Review — Ascension Cards

Oct 20 2012 Published by under Anna's Decks of Interest, Findhorn Press



Findhorn Press

Ascension super star Diana Cooper has condensed her extensive knowledge of the accelerated spiritual growth we are all experiencing at this time into 52 insightful cards and a 76-page companion book. Each of the cards contains a synopsis of one ascension-related topic and an affirmation to help contact that specific energy.

The cards can be used as a traditional, inspirational oracle deck or as a 52-part study course. Card headings like Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Mantle, Ascended Master Retreats, Hillarion, Isis, The Intergalactic Council, Veils of Illusion, Unicorns, The Cosmic Heart, and The Gold and Silver Violet Flame inspire interest and reinforce our higher natures. For example, the St. Germain card tells us, among other things, that he “transforms that which no longer serves into something beautiful and light”. The associated affirmation is “I believe in my ability to create miracles.”.

The companion book covers the basics of ascension — Angelic Hierarchies, Ascended Masters, Crystal Skulls, the Twelve Rays, etc. — more clearly than any book I’ve ever come across.

I admit that I’m not much of an ascension person. A lot of the literature makes my eyes glass over. This deck set, however, I love. It’s already taught me a lot and I really enjoy working with it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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